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Creating a culture of style and care through

art, haircare, style & design.


Get to Know Z.


Z. (Z. Roussel) is characterized by a love and an understanding of beauty, expression and style. This involves a specialized knowledge in their application. We are passionate about delivering quality services that enhance how our clients feel about themselves. Those services include Visual Artistry that explores our use of expressionEducation, Custom Couture garments, Hair Styling, Image Consulting, Design Concepts, Closet Organizing, Creative Direction as well as Aesthetic Curating. No matter the situation, Z. Roussel can help to build, achieve, and maintain aesthetic goals. We are passionate about delivering quality services that positively enhance the desires of our clients' individuality.


My name is Z.Roussel

I'm Zynani (Z) Roussel, a native of New Orleans, La.. Licensed Cosmetologist & Cosmetology Instructor, visual artist, couturier and aesthetic stylist. I have worked with local and international artists & brands providing my expertise and continue to share my knowledge of style, care and design to clients everyday. Z. is my brainchild that focuses on expressing ourselves at our highest form. I'm glad that you are here. Welcome!

Contact Me

New Orleans, La.  |  Tel: 504-444-5941

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