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Multi-disciplinary Artist 

On God's Throne x ZNA
temporary installation at Apartment4Lifestyle
2201 Dumaine Street New Orleans, LA

On God's Throne is a combination of Zynani Nakhid Aesthetic pieces and the Apartment4Lifestyle aesthetic as a collaborative installation. This installation starts where it all should... with affirming yourself. Look into the mirror, write your affirmation and affirm yourself by placing your affirmation on or near the mirror. Now let's walk into the space... Awa's Stool which is a handcarved stool, carved in Ghana gilded with 24K gold leaf and an upholstered cushion made of vintage woven Kente hand stamped in Ghana; and  God's Detail which is a artist  representation  of Gods detail of black hair all accented by the A4L vibe.


Awa's Stool and this installation in total is an homage to the strong black female figures who have taught me all of the ways to create and express. They are Africa, Mother, Earth... and if I could only give them a place to rest their hard working feet, I will have done well. But to me, as a black woman, we all have taught soo many and deserve a place to rest our hard working feet. Alongside Awa's Stool is an adjourning piece that is a visual representation of my gratitude for the details of my blackness. God saw fit for my hair to reach to the heavens and dance to it's own rhythm. Black hair deserves to be shown as the art it was made to be. This piece intertwines to create one because we are all connected.  

Have a seat On God's Throne and intertwine yourself if you are moved to do so. Hashtag #OnGodsThronexZNA to have your selfie On God's Throne added to the gallery of ongoing images of souls On God's Throne.


Both pieces are One of One and will not be reproduced. Both pieces are currently still available for purchase when the installation retires.

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