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Awa's Stool is a handcarved stool, carved in Ghana and then guilded with 24K gold leaf and with an upholstered cushion made of vintage woven Kente hand stamped in Ghana.


This stool is an homage to a Senegalese women named Awa, who in part taught me how to work with African fabrics and cook African food. To me she is Africa, Mother, Earth... if I could only give her a place to rest her hard working feet, I will have done well.


Mama Earth

Strong. Tall. Dark

Heavy. Warm




And way more to give.

The scent of cooked food and Mother Earth on her hem

She stands shoulders width apart wide shoulders rolled back hand on the back of hips that had given,

And given 

And given.

Wrapped in fabrics with meanings and culture before it was a word from head to toe only revealing your firm face with gold twinkling from her mouth.


This piece is One of One and will not be reproduced.

Awa's Stool

  • Absolutely NO Returns.


  • While this is a functional stool, DO NOT LIFT FROM CUSHION. Lift from underneath and take EXTRA SPECIAL CARE.

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