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Any Given Secondline Sunday

She smelled of rain on the horizon and hot crawfish waiting to be plucked from its shell. 

Where warm winds, how ya doins?!, and music hits you from every direction. 

Ya betta keep up and watch your steps before somebody watch them for ya

And count your blessings if you make it to 21

And don’t put it past yourself to cut someone else’s breath short 

Cause where I’m from it’s let the good times roll until you have to kill or be killed. 

Where we celebrate life cause we know how hard it can be. 

Where we still feel the heartbeats of all of our stolen ancestors in 

Every cool breeze on a hot day or 

On any given Secondline Sunday or 

Spoon of gumbo and jambalaya or

Orisha ritual to remind ourselves that we have not forgotten where we came from

Because Eshu Legba Obatala Yemoja 

Shango Oshun Ibeji Oludumare Ezrule Baron Samedi 

And Maman Brigitte all live through our movements 

Whether we know them or not. 

This is the place that culture knew. 

Covered under the fun of festivity our ancestors still heavily inhabit this place. 

They are the blessings we count when we make it to 21, 

The feeling in our feet on any given Secondline Sunday and 

The cleansing of that rain on the horizon.

Yeah she’s a good time and

Smells of rain & crawfish but is so much more than what meets the gentrifying eye. 

She is the birthplace of my soul... 

So you better keep up and watch your steps before somebody watch them for you. 

Ya heard meh?.


This umbrella is an homage to the style and perserverance of the place I call Home. In the typical secondline umbrella style but with a clean ZNA style. It is One of One and will not be reproduced.

Cover Me at The Line

  • Absolutely No Returns.

  • This umbrella is a functional umbrella but solely for decorative use and should be treated delicately as an art piece as to preserve its longevity. 

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