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Pearl's Girl is a hand beaded over mesh tie crop top.

Email for available fabric options as it will only be reproduced in a certain fabric once to insure that each piece is a One of One. 


Price listed is based upon fabric and could differ depending on the chosen fabric.


This garment is an homage to my maternal grandmother who probably never imagined the magic that her womb would produce. 


Our father was a mother,

Who art in heaven and 

Pearl be thy name.

Her kingdom of girls came, 

They grew

They flew

Her hearts work as it was on earth and is in heaven, with no words shining through 

Was and is NOT in vain.

I give this day my piece of Pearl

But no amnesty to her trespassers for 

I am my mother’s keeper and 

I kept her so she came in dreams to generations she never got to see. 

She spoke to them through winds of familiar feeling and

Was woven into the fabric of every rugged but lush texture.

Her hardness firmed my futures into fearlessness and

Without anything,

She gave to me through them, survival. 

Soul filled over unto them without a word ever being spoken, 

Tethering them to lineage past before our thoughts had even thought of us.


Our father was a mother and 

I am my mother’s keeper 

And I will keep her so…

That I will forever keep her mother. 

In my heart. 

In my mind.

In my body.

I will keep her so... 

That she will come in dreams to generations that she never got to see make more generations.

Pearl's Girl

  • Absolutely NO Returns.


  • Dry Clean Only.

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