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Rita Carnivale

Rita Carnivale is a couture fringe two-piece. The bottom is a swing skirt with a thigh split and covered in 18in" fringe. The top is a remake of the ZNA Umi top with the bodice covered in lace. This garment is pre-order only and can be purchased as separates.


Email for fabric options. All garments will only be produced in a particular fabric once as to ensure One of One garments.


Price listed is based upon fabric and could differ depending on the chosen fabric.


This garment is an homage to my paternal grandmother.  


Hail Rita full of grace

Whose spirit will forever be with me,

From her delicate gold chains 

To the smell of your callilou 

Every time with you felt like carnival.


I am eternally grateful that you let me 

Braid your hair on your death bed.

Something you would never do but,

That’s how I knew this would be my last time with you.

Saint Rita

You always gathered the pieces that we scattered

When no one was looking 

And wove them together in a way that couldn’t pull

New Orleans from New Zealand 

Without ever having met

You made sure we knew and will never forget each other.

I still cry every time I hear Ave Maria

And follow it with a smirk from your last 

Stance of stubbornness as you tried to sing it

Even though cancer had taken your “singing voice.”

You scoffed and said, “Oh, it’s not there anymore,”

As if it didn’t matter or ever did.

Queen Rita

I remember those Juvé mawnin’s and fresh mango

Preparing for the next day in the Grand Stand

Watching bands mask and eating chow

Soaking up all your extra YOU.

Oooohh I Miss You

And sometimes when I listen to Soca

I can close my eyes and feel you.

And when the winds blow they whisper 

In my ear, “Oh Gahwd!” in your voice.

Your love was a celebration on a Tuesday

Cause every time with you felt like a Carnivale. 


Rita Carnivale

  • Absolutely NO Returns.

  • This garment is dry clean only.

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