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The Special Ingredient

Hey guys it’s been awhile...

The last time we spoke I shared my intentions and the beginning of my empowerment tees. The first of which was the ICON tee and then I followed the ICON tee up with Black Is The Only Black tee, just in time for the release of Marvel’s Black Panther. Which I hope you got a chance to see. *Spoiler Alert* It's worth the hype! I'm back with a new tee to empower, "The Special Ingredient." The Special Ingredient is you. What each one of us brings to the table is completely different from anyone else. We are the special ingredient to everything we touch. That is your power. No one is you, but you. Here's a few photos from the Special Ingredient...

Meet The Special Ingredient tee

The Special Ingredient Tee can be found in the SHOP or at

YOU are The Special Ingredient. Let the world know. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by. TTYL

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